What is Colposcopy? And Why Do I Need One?

Colposcopy is an advanced technique that allows your doctor to visualise your cervix , vagina and vulva under magnification. It plays a crucial role in diagnosis of cervical precancerous, cancerous  lesions and also anogenital warts .The instrument used is known as Colposcope and it remain outside the patient’s body


How Is Colposcopy Different From a Pap Test?

A pap smear is a routine investigation which all women of reproductive age group must undergo every 3 years. it helps pick up the abnormal cells. If your pap test shows presence of abnormal cells and you have been tested positive for HPV,( HPV, or human papillomavirus, is a virus that may raise your risk for certain types of cancer, including cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancers). Colposcopy helps your gynaecologist decide the next course of action

Colposcopy Can Also Be Used To Assess Other Problems

  • Genital Warts On The Cervix
  • Cervicitis (an Inflamed Cervix)
  • Non Cancerous Growths, Such As Polyps
  • Pain
  • Bleeding

You might have to undergo colposcopy more than once depending upon your disease

How is The Colposcopy Procedure Performed?

Colposcopy is Done in Your Doctor’s office
The procedure is usually done when a woman is not having her periods. For 24 to 48 hours before the surgery, the patient is given certain instructions, and is asked 

  • Not to Use Tampons, Douche 
  • Not to Use Vaginal Medications
  • Not to Have Sex

When is a Biopsy Done During Colposcopy?

During colposcopy if any abnormal/suspicious area is visualised by your doctor , a biopsy of that area is taken. During the  biopsy procedure, a small piece of tissue of the suspicious looking area is removed from the cervix and the tissue sample is then sent for testing.

How Is The Recovery?

Recovery is very easy and straight forward. The patient might experience slight crampy abdominal pain and spotting for the next few days

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