Pregnancy is one of  the Most important phase of a Womans Life. For the First Time Mothers this Period Can be Very Overwhelming. We Believe in Providing the Best Possible Care and Support To our Pregnant Patients. Pregnancy is a Very Natural Event. It is not a Disease. You Should Consider Booking your Appointment as soon as you Become Preganant



How am I Going to Feel During My Pregnancy? 

Every pregnancy is different. Some patients do not experience any difficulty throughout the entire duration but some patients might be bothered by the below mentioned symptoms

  • Feeling Exhausted / Very Tired – It is Common to Feel Tired, or even Exhausted, During Pregnancy, Especially during the First 12 weeks .
  • Nausea  and Vomiting  
  • Changes in your Breasts – Your Breasts May Become Larger /Heavier and Feel Tender. The Nipples Become Dark and Areola Increases in Size
  • Pressure Symptoms- Increased Frequency , Passing Urine More Often 
  • Increased Vaginal Discharge 
  • Constipation 

What Should I Do If I Am Having Bleeding ?

If you are experiencing recurrent episodes of pain in abdomen or you are having slight spotting, consult your Gynaecologist. 

How To Keep Yourself  Healthy During Pregnancy? 

There are Many Things That  you can do to Stay Healthy While you are Pregnant 

  • Folic acid  is important for pregnancy as it can help prevent certain birth defects, like neural tube defects. Ideally you should start the folic acid supplement 12 weeks before becoming pregnant  
  • Iron Supplement
  • Calcium and Vitamin-d Supplement
  • Vitamins and nutrition in pregnancy – Eating a healthy, varied diet comprising of all micronutrients in pregnancy will help you to get all the vitamins and minerals you need 

      Foods To Avoid

  • Only Drink Pasteurised or UHT Milk. 
  • You Should Avoid Eating Food That Contains Raw or Undercooked Egg
  • Refrain From Eating Uncooked or Partially Cooked Meat, Especially Poultry. 
  • You Must Wash Your Hands Before and After Handling Food 
  • You Must  Wash all Fruit and Vegetables Before Consuming
  • Avoid Consumption of Excessive Quantity of Coffee, High Levels of Caffeine as Too Much Increases the Risk of Abortions and Can Lead to a Small Birth-Weight Baby. You Don’t Need to Cut Caffeine out Completely, But you Should not Have More that 200mg a Day.
  • Stop Smoking 
  • Avoid Alcohol and Drugs 

High Risk Pregnancy

There are Certain Pregnancies Which Require extra Level of Care :-
Recurrent Abortions/Miscarriages
IVF/IUI Pregnancies
Gestational Hypertension (Pregnancy With High BP)
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus( Pregnancy With Deranged Blood Glucose Levels)
Twin Pregnancies

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