What is Vaginal Laxity ?

Vaginal looseness after childbirth is a very common isssues faced by majority of the women. Due to social stigmas they are not able to able to dissuss their problem. It occurs due to stretching of the birth canal during delivery of a baby.In many cases a small incision/episiotomy is given for delivering the baby .It can also occur post caesarean section . The collagen layer of vagina becomes thinned out with increasing age and childbirth 


Common patient problems

“I don’t like the appearance of my vagina, it appears wide”
“The skin of my vagina is becoming dryer and thinner”
“I don’t like the presence of extra tissue down there”
“I don’t feel like getting intimate with my partner”
“I am embarrassed”
“I feel looseness in the area and I wish I could go back to feeling the way I used to before”

Due to women empowerment and more openesss and readiness to talk about female intimacy issues many patients are coming forward with their problems
We can offer you a solution

What are The Symptoms Of Vaginal Laxity?

Most of the symptoms experienced by the patient is related to her se life

  • A decreased Sexual Desire (Libido)
  • Some times Patients Complaints of a Sound produced by the expulsion of Air During Intercourse or Some Specific Movements
  • Dryness and Painful Intercourse- Loss of vaginal lubrication
  • Anorgasmia - Not Able to Experience Orgasms or Difficulty in Experiencing Orgasms( reaching climax)
  • Leakage of Drops of urine while Coughing /Straining

What Causes Vaginal Laxity?

There are many reasons why vaginal laxity happens and the most common causes being  childbirth and ageing
Ageing is an inevitable process. Ageing leads to loss of collagen fibres which makes the skin and other tissues thinner and more prone to injury and tears Menopause also contributes to worsening of these symptoms
During childbirth , the baby passes through the birth canal and this leads to excessinve stretching of the fibres of the vaginal wall and thus the loosesness. It can even ocuur post a caesarean section
The severity of the vaginal laxity increases with the number of childbirths

How is Vaginal Laxity / Looseness Diagnosed?

The degree of vaginal discomfort experienced by every patient is different , not all patients require same treatment. After thorough examination and depending upon your level of discomfort , a very patient specific personalised plan of action is made and followed

When to Visit Your Gynaecologist ?

If you are troubled by the above mentioned symptoms ,consult your gynaecologist. Dr Arushi Sethi is one the few Cosmetic Gynaecologist working towards the betterment of female sexual health

What Treatments Options are Available for Vaginal Laxity?

Non Surgical Management :- Life Style Modifications , LASERS, O SHOT / G SHOT (for increasing orgasms)

Surgical Management :- Vaginal Tightening Surgeries , Pelvic Floor Repair , Perineoplasty

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