What is PCOS?

It is also known as Stein Levinthal Syndrome. It is a very common problem occurring in 11-18% of females in the childbearing age group. It is one of the common causes of female infertility. The exact etiology of this disease is not very clear . It can be due to multiple factors like increased androgens (male hormones), insulin resistance, disturbance in hypothalamo-pituitary ovarian axis and genetic factors. The environmental factors like consumption of junk food and lack of healthy lifestyle can also attribute to this condition.


Common symptoms of PCOS

  • Irregular Cycles
  • Long Cycles (Oligomenorrhoea) - Some Women May Stop Having Menstrual Periods
  • Excessive Hair on Face and Body.(Male Pattern Distribution ) 
  • Pimples/Acne on Upper Back, Chest and Face
  • Weight Gain and Frequent Fluctuations in weight (Obesity)
  • Baldness/Hair loss/Thinning of Hair
  • Acanthosis Nigricans - Darkening of Skin, Especially Along Back of the Neck and  in the Groin Folds
  • Inability To Conceive

When to visit your doctor ? 

Consult your Gynaecologist (DR. Arushi Sethi)  If you are troubled with abnormal irregular periods,  or if you are suffering from pimples/acne, baldness, unwanted and excessive hair growth  or having troubles in conceiving. Dr. Arushi Sethi is one of the Best PCOS specialist in Delhi.

Complications of PCOS

  • Inability To Conceive
  • Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
  • Miscarriage/Abortions  
  • Preterm Birth
  • Reduced Self Worth/Depression
  • Eating Disorder Like Bulimia


Due to impaired metabolism patients may develop Metabolic syndrome : hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.
Increased risk of developing Endometrial cancer, Ovarian cancer and Breast cancer


DR Arushi Sethi is one of the Best Gynaecologists in Delhi  and a PCOS specialist  catering  to the problems of  women suffering from PCOS. Ours is a specialized clinic for PCOS treatment in Delhi with a multidisciplinary team of the Best PCOS specialists. Our team of experts includes Gynaecologist, Reproductive and Infertility Specialist, Dermatologist, Nutritionist and Diabetes Educators. We take an individualised approach to female health depending on the symptoms and work with them to finalise the Best PCOS treatment plan in order to rectify their menstrual cycle abnormalities, acne/pimple and hair problems, weight issues and  infertility. Dr. Arushi Sethi is one of the Best PCOS specialist in Delhi.


Options Available

  • Weight Reduction – Dietary And Life Style Modification, With Our Fitness Experts and Nutritionalist.
  • Menstrual Dysfunction – Hormonal/ Non Hormonal Treatment Plans.
  • Oral Ovulation Induction/ IUI/ IVF  in Case of Infertility.
  • Acne and Hair Issues- Anti androgens, Topical Creams and Laser Hair Removal (if required) By Our Expert Dermatologist.
  • Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling if Required.
  • Dr. Arushi  Sethi is One of The Best PCOS Specialist In Delhi.

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