Intra-Uterine insemination (IUI) is the one of the most popular and widely practiced ART techniques in the world. This process involves instilling / injecting good quality of sperms (post processing) directly into the uterine cavity

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What is the process of IUI?


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IUI treatment is suggested in the following couple :- 

  • Couple who are not suffering from any major disease but are unable to conceive naturally
  • Couples in which female partner has pcos
  • Couples in which male partner has low sperm counts
  • Couple in which male partner has low motility sperms
  • Couple who are not able to make relations / have sexual intercourse


IUI should not be done in all the cases, few cases in which IUI should not be done

  • Couples in which female partner is suffering from severe fallopian disease(hydrosalpinx/pyosalpinx) and has bilateral blocked tubes
  • Couples in which female partner is suffering from a chronic pelvic infection
  • Couples in which female partner has severe endometriosis

After proper candidate selection and through history taking and examination, the couple has to undergo few hormonal blood tests and the woman is started with ovulation induction regime, serial ultrasound follicular monitoring is done and trigger is given when the follicle reaches a size of around 18-20mm. IUI is performed 36 hours after that. Pregnancy test is done after 14 days


What is IUI success rate?

There are many factors which influence IUI success rate. It is not same in two patients. Succsss rate of IUI is around 15-20% ( 3 cycles) in properly selected cases. Benefits of IUI is that it provides a cheaper and cost effective approach compared to IVF/ICSI.

Factors That Affect IUI Success Rate In Delhi

The success rate for IUI varies a lot . The IUI success rate depends on multiple factors like your doctor’s skills, utilization of the advanced equipments and technology, the usage of ovulation induction drugs and many other factors like :-

  •  Age of women: Younger women have higher chances than woman above the age of 35 years. Ageing leads to decrease in your count as well as deterioration in the occyte quality occurs with increasing age.
  • Number of cycles : As the number of cycles in which the IUI is performed, the success rate increases, it reaches a maximum upto 20% ( 3 months of IUI)
  • Cause of infertility: If the woman has no major issues and the tubes are healthy and husbands semen parameters are adequate , the success rate is higher
  • Fertility treatment: Injectable drugs increase the success rate of IUI

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