Due to rapidly increasing stress levels in the young population. Sometimes having a physical disease can have a negative impact on your mental well being. we offere a range of counselling to our patients starting from adolescence period right upto post menopausal period.


POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME (PCOS), acne , facial hair, irregular periods, weight gain, endometriosis, severe pain during periods are the common problems encountered by young girls , we have specific dedicated clinics to help these young girls overcome their problems and lead a disease free and care free life.



It is a very important part of our practice. A young girl is full of doubts as to what to expect after marriage, we want sexual counselling, she wants to be educated about the methods to prevent sexually transmitted infections, she wants to know about the choice of contraception she should be practising.



It very important that a female must be in the best of her health for a period of at least 3 months prior to conceiving. She should be free from any diseases. Before planning a pregnancy , always consult your doctor. You should take atleast 3 months of preconceptional folic acids tablets. Make sure you are not on any teratogenic drugs, always switch to a pregnancy safe alternate drugs before becoming pregnant



Pregnancy is an emotionally overwhelming period where a mother needs lots of care and love. Her daily nutrional requirements are of great importance so that baby’s growth is adequate  she should counselled about the delivery procedure, labour pain, what to expect. All her options should be disclosed so that she can take an informed decision.



The period just after the delivery is very tiring and taxing for a new mother. She can suffer from a range of symptoms like post partum blues, post partum depression and post partum psychosis. Counselling is of utmost importance during this crucial period. Counselling regarding diet, mental health and contraceptive options is very important

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